Where are you located?请问你incall的地点在哪里?

We are conveniently located near the entertainment district of downtown Toronto as well as by Mississagua. We also operate out of Scarborough.我们INCALL服务的区域包括有:市中心,世嘉堡,密西沙加市,外卖和过夜可以送去任何大多伦多地区。

What payment method do you accept?付款方式的种类?

Cash only.暂时只接受现金.

What’s your cancellation policy?如何取消预约?

We understand that things sometimes come up as life is unpredictable, however we are a professional firm dedicated to providing top-notch companionship reliably. As such, we would expect our clients to respect our time as much as we respect theirs. A minimum of 2 hours notice in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event is what we will tolerate.我们非常理解您出来玩是为了开心放松,有时候临时有事情要取消预约完全没有问题,但是请您在得知要取消预约或是迟到的情况下尽早联系我们接线生。

Is there anything I need to know about our first visit?请问第一次来需要事先了解些什么事情吗?

Please bear in mind you are meeting a lady and as such you are expected to behave like a gentleman at all times. Being well-groomed, well-dressed, well-mannered and well-spoken are the trademarks of a gentleman. A gentleman is also generous and respectful. For more info please read our blog.首先我们公司提供所有的服务必需品例如,干净的毛巾,漱口水,浴液等等。您需要做的就是放轻松,就象以往跟女朋友约会一样,对我们的女生绅士一些,没有人喜欢贱男的对不对。

Is tipping accepted or mandatory?是否有强制或是额外的小费?

No, however ladies are very appreciative of any generosity shown by a true gentleman.完全没有,但是我们美丽的女士们都非常赞赏一个真正的绅士表现出任何的慷慨。

May I bring a bottle of wine for us to share when we meet?当我和女士们约会时是否可以带酒精饮料?

Yes you may, however please keep in mind that ladies have been instructed to only share a drink with a gentleman coming from a sealed unopened bottle for safety and security reasons.当然可以,但是为了安全起见清确保带去的酒精饮料是全新的完全没开封的。

May I write a review about our time together?是否可以给我的美丽约会写下网评?

Absolutely. We aim to entertain only the classiest most elite of gentlemen and we understand that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. As such, if we want to reach other classy gentlemen like yourself, we would appreciate you putting in a good word for us. Please bear in mind to remain classy and polite in your review.绝对可以。我们的目标是招待我们绅士的客户,我们理解口碑是广告的最佳形式。因此,绅士的你写出来的网评同样也会吸引更多绅士的客户,我们将不胜感激你的好网评。请记住保持您评论内容的优雅和礼貌。万分感谢.

How do I go about setting up another date?如何预约一个美丽约会?

For same day bookings, feel free to give us a call at 416-666-3066 or send us a text/sms message at 416-666-3066 for faster response. For prebookings, feel free to use our online booking form.对于当天预订,请您随时拨打我们预约热线#1.416-989-8999 是针对北约克区,列治文山区,万锦区。或是热线#2.416-979-8988 是针对密西沙加市,多伦多市中心,世嘉堡区。对于喜欢在线预约的客户,可以随时使用我们网站上的在线预订程序需提供可联系的电话号码。

Are you discreet?您是否有所顾虑?

Discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to our agency and we aim to protect both the companions we represent as well as the clients we service. We assure you that all of your information is treated with the strictest confidentiality. Celebrity and VIP privacy agreements available upon request drafted by our lawyer.自由裁量权和隐私的极端重要性,以我们的公司,我们的首要目的是来保护我们所代表的同伴,以及我们所服务的客户。我们向你们保证,所有的信息与严格保密。根据要求提供名人和贵宾的隐私协议起草由我们的律师.

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